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KONE and RAYWORKS have collaborated on award-winning VR experiences and virtual models since 2016. Multi-purpose virtual models can be utilized on several different business sectors, such as product development, marketing and employee training.

KONE is a pioneer in utilizing virtual models

Virtual models can be used on multiple different sectors of the business

Virtual models are commonly used in VR / XR presentations and interactive 3D applications, as well as in animations and still renderings in a variety of use cases. Multi-purpose virtual models can be utilized on several different business sectors, such as product development, marketing and employee training. Versatility makes virtual models cost-effective. Once the virtual model has been visualized to match the real product in as much detail and realism as possible, VR and XR presentations provide the best possible way to get to know the product if the actual physical product is not available on site.

KONE DX Class elevators mark a completely new era in user experience

In 2019 KONE launched the DX Class elevator series. Since transporting an actual fully functional DX Class elevator to international launch events wasn’t an option, we developed an interactive VR experience. The task was to introduce the DX experience to visitors by immersing them in to virtual DX Class elevator and it’s interactive features.

“Showcasing the technology and experience of our DX Class design collection required the best possible VR quality to be able to present the experience and material nuances in the closest possible way to reality. Our VR co-operation with Rayworks in multiple internal and public events has met all the set expectations.” says Visa Rauta, Design Director, Head of KONE Design. 

KONE DX Class VR experience designed for human-eye resolution VARJO headset. Comparsion between real video footage from KONE and virtual reality footage by Rayworks

Award-winning product designs and VR experiences

An excellent example of the versatility and efficiency of a virtual models is our collaboration with KONE’s TravelMaster Premium Kit. We started working with KONE designers at an early design stage. The task was to develop virtual model of the escalator and place it in virtual environment that replicates client’s shopping center. The early escalator design concept was introduced to the client in VR, before any physical prototypes were made. As a result, KONE became the selected escalator supplier for the Kö-Bogen II shopping center in Düsseldorf, Germany.

We utilized the virtual model used in the VR experience and created 3D animation and still renderings to help KONE escalator design solution win a Red Dot: Best of the Best – the highest award in the competition, reserved for the best products.

“When you take escalator ride in VR, the feeling of movement is so immersive that it has surprised everyone who has experienced it, including myself.” says Jussi Tolvanen, CEO of Rayworks. 

KONE and Rayworks have been working together with virtual models since 2016

Utilizing virtual models in product development can help designers to identify potential problems before they even arise. With VR / XR headsets, virtual models can be viewed from all perspectives in real-world scale. Some open questions can be solved before building the first physical prototype. Virtual models allow faster evaluations based on shorter design cycles, opening up opportunities for innovation. Early validation encourages designers to explore bold new ideas.

“We consider VR a capable product development tool that can save time when real prototypes are not existing yet.” says Visa Rauta, Design Director, Head of KONE Design. 

KONE Lane is an innovative turnstile solution which brings together the latest in space efficient design and advanced sensor technology to help ensure smooth, secure people flow in modern buildings.

“Our project-specific collaboration most often begins when KONE has been designing a new product for some time. Our goal is always to make the virtual model look and behave exactly the same way as a real physical product. It’s important that we work closely with KONE’s product design team to get all details look and feel as intended. This way marketing can use same virtual model effortlessly later on different use cases.” says Jussi Tolvanen, CEO of Rayworks. 

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